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More Duke and Meet Bandita

Went to the WPA Human Society today. Bandita is the dog who I had to demonstrate I could wrangle and collar a dog during training. Piece of cake after Shiro! When he first started wearing a collar he hid under the couch and wouldn’t come out! So anyways, today I noticed Bandita hadn’t been walked yet, so I thought I would revisit her.


  • Name: Bandita
  • Sex: spayed female
  • Breed: collie/german shepard mix
  • Age: about 9 yrs old.
  • Weight: 46lbs

Bandita is a very easy going, obedient, and happy dog. Loves treats. She can walk pretty fast for a dog her age, so I bet she’s got a lot left in her.

Of course, I also had to go see Duke again. I took him for a walk first. Here are Duke’s stats


  • Name: Duke
  • Sex: Neutered Male
  • Breed: Akita/Pit Bull Mix
  • Age: 1 yr, 7 mos
  • Weight: 74 lbs

One things the pictures don’t really show is how beautiful his markings are– he is brown/black brindled, but he also has patches of white on his chest, paws, and the tip of his tail. Duke is protective, loving, playful, and would also make a great running companion, that boy can run when I let him!


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Meet Duke

Duke, sitting for the camera

Duke, sitting for the camera

Let me preface this by saying I probably shouldn’t have started out walking a level 3 dog. The levels, for easiest to hardest to walk are 1, 1-2, 2, 2-3, 3, 3-4, and 4. It went fine, but I was exhausted after walking Duke, so I didn’t walk any others today. Anyways, I had to walk Duke because he is an Akita/Pit Bull mix, and Akitas are like big Shiba Inu, as I mentioned. Duke was great. He is super strong and tried to go after some other dogs and a couple questionable looking gentlemen (can’t say i blamed him, his instincts were probably right), so I held him back then. But for the most part he listened to me, and could do the “Sit” command. It was icy out so we were both slip sliding a bit. All four of his legs went out from under him, and all two of mine a couple times. When I slid and fell on the ice, Duke didn’t pull or try to make a break for it, but rushed immediately to my side to see if I was okay and stayed pressed up close to me until I got up. After our walk, we went to the relaxation area and chilled on the couch. He jumped right up and layed his big ol’ head in my lap. I am in love. He is way too big for an apartment, though, especially one that doesn’t allow pets, so I just hope he finds an awesome home because he is one aweseom dog.

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