Blog Breakdown


Excelsior: Deux Ex Machina– This is my current main blog. It is random on whatever is going on in my life at the time.

Sarah’s Journey Through Seminary– Follow my theological journey! I am currently in my second year of seminary at United Theological Seminary, pursuing an M. div.

Sarah Adkins: Writer– Sarah E. Adkins recently earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing/Poetry from Chatham University. She has published poems in Babelfruit, PlainspokeThe Pittsburgh Quarterly Online, and Istanbul Literature Review. This is the blog of Sarah Adkins, Writer.


Retired or Inactive Blogs

Excelsior! Volume 1– this was my first blog. It is no longer active, but is still up if you want to read through the archives. It focused on service, nature, politics, psychology, and art

Pigeon Peanuts Consulting– this is my consulting biz blog

A Walk with Akira & Shiro– my dogs’ blog

Marko’s Meow– my kitty-cat’s blog

Tru.Funk.Soulja– my funk/soul/smooth r&b blog

Journal of a Neophyte Skater– chronicling my efforts to learn to skateboard

Humane Society Volunteer– focused on my volunteer work as a dog walker, cat cuddler, and bunny buddy

A Comeback Karate Kid– a chronicle of my experiences in the Martial Arts, hopefully to serve as an inspiration for myself to get back more involved in Martial Arts, and to others to do the same, or get into it in the first place.