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10 Things That Make Me Happy

My cats
They greet me at the door, wake me up if my alarm doesn’t go off, snuggle with me when it’s cold, are constant entertainment, take care of each other too, communicate with me in their own way, and are generally oh so cute.

I like to follow their flitting paths through the sky, they seem so indirect and wandering, whichever way the wind blow, which is rather inspirting.

a hot meal on a cold day
warms the stomach and the spirit. especially if includes a spice like cardamon

the physical closeness helps to break down the boundaries that separate us. love and energy shared. symbiosis.

making collages
like a puzzle, making things fit together and work in harmony

Liking something I didn’t think I would
it’s a good feeling

Noticing the beauty in ordinary things
light reflecting from a campbell soup can lid…

Chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven
the dough still gooey and the chocolate melted…yum

soothes the savage soul, even the Cerberus likes music, expresses so much, resonates

Spending time with my friends
friends are the family you chose

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