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Either Or?

I’ve never understood why Evolution and Creationism have to be mutually exclusive. The case for the theory of Evolution is solid, but that doesn’t insist upon discounting creation stories. If God is all powerful and creates whatever God imagines, why couldn’t God then, place beings on Earth in differing stages of evolution. Like a staggered race, some beings just had a few millenia head start on single cell organisms.

When I was a child, I brought home a book from the school library about Evolution because I liked the illustrations of ape-like men. My Mom was upset when she saw it, and said we don’t believe in that. I felt so ashamed that I stuffed the book under the couch cushions until time to turn it back in.

I don’t think it has to be like this. Believing in God shouldn’t rule out the case for Evolution. Most cases of either, or, can actually co-exist. Science and Religion used to be part of the same field. It wasn’t until the Enlightenment era where a great divide took place. Many scientists who still believed in God were excommunicated from the Church for their findings. I am not saying what to believe, or what is right and wrong. All I am saying is things are rarely black of white, but shades of grey.



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