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Made Up Word Scrabble

by Sarah and Rachel

(no board required)

(no board required)

Iotna- an iota of something non-existent.

metivaty- having properties of a vat that knows about itself.

glabulosi- gabbing while your last name is pelosi. syn. speaker of the house.

imdiurfeptic- a medical state affecting the kidney brought on by consumption of too many raisins.

adriwaaa- the last thing heard before being carried away by a pterodactyl.

Jeforiun- applying solely to individuals named after more than one president. e.g. Washington Jefforson, Truman Hayes, etc.

yexent- the condition of not being able to say no.

egiet- a forgetful bird

desaykeg- a keg of desay.

drazolnap- snoring like a dragon.

qaint- colloquial, i.e. ain’t that qaint?

moroble- acting like a moron whilst wobbling back and forth.

eetcher- e.g. eetcher peas.


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