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Somewhat Bi-Weekly Round-Up

The somewhat bi-weekly re-cap of my blog posts across the board.


17 March, 2010- “Music to Get Your Day Going

Sarah Adkins, Writer

Sarah Adkins: Writer:

3 March 2010 “In the News…”, ; 17 March 2010 “WotD: Word of the Day: Indubitably

Tru.Funk.Soulja N/A

A Comeback Karate Kid N/A

Journal of a Neophyte Skater

23 January 2010- “It’s a Beautiful Day, Let’s Skate!”; 17 March 2010- “It’s Never Too Late to Learn to Skateboard

WP Humane Society Volunteer

10 January 2010- “Bear, Bunny, and Cesar“; 9 March 2010- “March 9th“; 13 March 2010- “Tessa and Kaiser“; 17 March 2010- “Buckles and Bubba at the Home Show

Marko’s Meow



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Love Story Blog

This is MY blog, this is RADO’s blog, and now…. (drum roll please) THIS IS OUR BLOG TOGETHER! Ljubov: Love, Rado and Sarah


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How True

is a
Cheese-Eating Spider Monkey
…with a Battle Rating of 5.1

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat sarah, enter your name and unleash your own food eating battle monkey

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Pictures Added

added more pictures to our Bulgaria shutterfly share site, finally. They are divided by theme rather than location….family, food, animals, and architecture so far! http://bulgariaorbust.shutterfly.com/

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Day 15

of Dependent Co-Arising:

the secret society of people who are up before dawn

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