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Puerto Rican Food

typical puerto rican meal

The sound of frying like a downpour after a long dry spell, when it starts raining hard right away instead of building up to it, a sudden onset and the sound those raindrops make on the metal casing of my window air conditioner. I love to sleep to that sound, let sleep pull me back into its embrace. Now the smell of chipotle in adobo sauce warms the air and I feel a warmth inside of me that feels like the bright light of the kitchen next to the dark outside the windows. It feels like home and belonging.

Note: For those who don’t know, I recently got a roommate, a Puerto Rican friend of mine. He has really warmed up the place, especially the kitchen when he cooks! And the table is used for something besides setting things on. When his daughter comes over, it feels even more homey. Since he’s been here, we have decorated the place more with our things, and keep it pretty tidy and functional!



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