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What do you want first? The good news or the bad news? Give it to me straight, the bad news. Well, I got a rejection letter in the mail from Dos Passos Review on Saturday and a rejection e-mail on Wednesday from Crazyhorse. Well, that stinks, but isn’t terribly unheard of. How about the good news? Well, Babel Fruit e-mailed me on Monday and wants to publish two of my submitted poems. That’s awesome! So what is this Babel Fruit? Glad you asked.

Babel Fruit (www.babelfruit.org) is a literary initiative developed in cooperation with the Inetnational Cities of Refuge. I first found it when I was doing research for City of Asylum Pittsburgh. It is a journal of “writing under the influence of the other.” It  is edited by Ren Powell (www.renpowell.com)

My poems should be up in about a week. Stay tuned.



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Publication Arrival

PLAIN SPOKE: A Literary Speakeasy, Volume 3, No. 2 May 2009 issue has arrived in my mailbox and with it, two of my poems.

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