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Surrealist Question and Answers


One person writes a series of “why” questions.

Another person writes a series of “because” answers.

This can be done in any order or at the same time, as long as participants do not see the others writing.

I hoodwinked Murph into doing this with me today. Here’s what we ended up with when we put them side by side:

  1. Why don’t people like Indian mounds? — because 2 is the square root of 4
  2. Why can’t I have Matt’s pumpkin? — because Grover Cleveland said so
  3. Why can’t the city just give me my crib? — because it rained in November
  4. Why do I do these damn things? — because there are only 1,000 left

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Day 15

of Dependent Co-Arising:

the secret society of people who are up before dawn

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Still Dependent Co-Arising

Day 10: 11:00-11:59 pm

Day 14: Exquisite Corpse

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On the Road Again

parts of the journey between fam in ohio and back to pgh: nuclear and coal power plants in shippingport, water tower in moon township

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Printing Obama

Rado poses with his blue totem pole

Rado poses with his blue totem pole

Back a couple of weekends ago, Rado and I went to the Handmade Arcade, this year held at the Armory in Shadyside. That in and of itself was a bit disconcerting because it’s a giant hangar for the National Guard with humvees and military vehicles sitting around and then all these people selling handmade stuff whose politics probably more often veer towards hippies than citizen soldiers. Nevertheless, it was a huge space and seemed to be a huge success in terms of turnout. While we were there, we stopped by the AIR (Artist Image Resource) table, where they were letting people do screen prints. I made a giant copy of the Post Gazette from when Obama won the election and Rado made a little totem pole dude. Awesome!

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World’s Smallest Organ or World’s Largest Organist?

You decide…

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Dependent Co-Arising Continues

Day 8: Jam Session

Day 9: take another look

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