My aloe juice

My aloe juice

I was exploring Carolyne Mistake’s blog and catching up on her latest exploits, when I read about aloe juice. The next day I was in Lotus Foods, one of the Asian grocery stores in the Strip District. I was in the checkout line with some dried cod with chili spice when I looked to my right and saw bottles of aloe juice. Well,  I had to give it a try. My verdict is that it is very tasty. It is citrusy-sweet and tastes very refreshing. There were pieces (like puply stuff) in it some, but they were really smooth, like the texture of tapioca bubbles, but shaped differently.

Marko in the rose bush

Marko in the rose bush

Marko has been enjoying exploring the outdoors. We take him with us out in the backyard and sometimes out front. We also got him a harness and bungee leash so we can take him further away with us. When we are outside he likes to stalk and hunt bugs and birds and sometimes, just lay in the shade or in the sun.

I took my friend Heather to the Humane Society so she could explore her options as a volunteer. She signed up for the dog walking and bunny buddy training and I signed up for bunny buddy and cat cuddler training. Then she came with me when I walked a dog, London. London was very submissive. He walked past the other dog cages with his head down and ears back. Once we got outside, he was so happy to walk. He was playful, affectionate, and loved the treats. He is really skinny, but I’m sure he’ll put on weight swiftly.

Meet London

London Broil

London Broil

  • LONDON – ID#A106813
  • Sex: neutered male,
  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier.
  • Age: 2 years and 1 month old.
  • Weight: 48 pounds.

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