It’s My Life

Hello again, and welcome back to the continuing adventures of me. Glad you could come on this journey with me. Let’s see what I have for you today. Well, first of all, a picture of my panther, Marko, and his sharp baby teeth!



Awww isn’t he just ferocious? Or maybe just sleepy, who can say…

Marko has discovered that dropping his toy mouse on my head from the ledge over the bed is an effective way to wake me up in the morning. Haha. As long as it’s not a real mouse, were okay.

Today I went shopping in the strip a bit. I’ve been going to Labad’s, which is a store run by two Syrian brothers. Today I got Bulgarian feta, bulgar wheat, and sour cabbage leaves. Rado is going to make stuffed cabbage leaves. It’s like stuffed grape leaves, only better.

I went to Petco to get a bungee leash to walk Marko, I’ll let you know how that progresses. He’s still getting used to having the harness on for a little bit at a time.

Today I walked two dogs at the humane society, Candy and Moose. Candy was really slender, but I have a feeling she’ll put on some more weight quickly, because she loved the treats! She was a little shy and reserved, but very well behaved and stayed close to me the whole walk. Moose is a rottweiler mixed with something with longer fur. He is a big lap dog. I sat down on a bench and he immediately hopped up into my lap. All four legs. I’d say he weighed at least 55 pounds. He was so affectionate though, it was nice to have him on my lap for a little while. I can’t find his info up on the WPA Humane site- will check again later. John Elliff, if you read this, I thought of you and your late Moose when I had him out today.

Meet Candy

Candy girl

Candy girl

  • CANDY – ID#A107277
  • Sex: spayed female,
  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier.
  • Age: 2 years and 1 month old.
  • Weight: 48 pounds.

Meet Moose

big lap dog moose

big lap dog moose

Moose and Me

Moose and Me



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4 responses to “It’s My Life

  1. Crystalee

    Moose is so adorable! ❤

  2. Hello SP! I have got to comment on Marko (or is it Pantera). That cat, I mean. I had a dream about a cat like this. In it, I was visiting a farm with my daughter and friends. A cat, perhaps identical to the one pictured here, was ambling about an empty plastic kiddie pool. He seemed to take a liking to me and I to him. I pet his head and asked who he belonged to. One of the (mysterious dream-time) farm folk told me he was a stray that had been with a pack of feral cats roaming the woods around the farm but that he had “divorced” his pack.

    I asked who he belonged to now and the guy said “He’s yours if you want him but he already has a name and you have to keep the name.” I found this intriguing because my daughter and I have, in the past year, been coming up with names for the cat who will “find us” (as I’ve been telling her). We were pretty much settled on “Tootie” so when the farm guy said this, I felt a pang of disappointment that we wouldn’t be able to use our name…until he told me the name: Cha-Cha. It was so perfect; even better than Tootie.

    I woke up feeling that I owned this cat. I wrote down its physical features, pink nose and all. But it also had a very unusual marking which was a heart-shaped patch of fur.

    What do you make of this Sea Peanut?

  3. pigeonpeanuts

    where was the heart shaped patch at on the fur? i saw another one at the humane society yesterday who looked exactly like marko but smaller (he was only 2 months old). i like the name cha cha

  4. The heart fur was under its nose. Let’s make a field trip to the humane society! Seriously. We can meet for tea or something beforehand and you can be our guide (my daughter would love to go). Whaddaya say? email me via the blog (I couldn’t find your email here).

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