Long Time No Blog

I haven’t been posting here in a while, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. In the interest of preventing a long rambling entry, I will try to summarize what I have been up to and if any of them strike you, I can go more in depth on the subject. I will start from this morning and then work my way through the month of June.

4 July 2009

The WPA Humane Society shelter was open from 9-11 today for volunteers only since it’s Independence Day, so I went to walk some dogs. The shelter has been slammed with surrenders recently, so they are really full. If you are thinking of fostering or adopting, now is the time. I walked two dogs. I walked a puppy named Ashley and a big boy named Sunny.



ASHLEY – ID#A106689

  • Sex: spayed female
  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier.
  • Age: 3 months old.
  • Weight: 14 pounds.

Ashley is a sweet puppy, full of puppy energy, but also very affectionate. She stayed by my legs almost the whole walk, and she loved to give kisses and sit on my lap.



SUNNY – ID#A107037

  • Sex: neutered male
  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier.
  • Age: @ 1 year and 1 month old.
  • Weight: 59 pounds.

Sunny has a name that suits him because he definitely has a sunny disposition. He has had a rough life and was found tied to a park bench for a couple days. But he is so friendly and full of joy now, let him bring some sunshine into your life!

Out of some of the dogs I’ve walked, Buddy, Hercules, and Dreamcicle have all been recently adopted! I have gone on two off site events with the shelter, one to Bark in the Park in Mt Washington, and one to Lucky Paws Pet Resort in Freedom, PA.


June 1-2

We adopted a kitten from the WPA Humane Society. I came to walk dogs and it was feeding time, so I went in to visit the cats while I was waiting. The whole time I was in there, one kitten would not stop meowing the whole time except when I was at his cage. He also kept reaching his paws out thru the bars and knocked his sign off. Later that day, I brought Rado back to see him and it was love at first sight. I really think the cat picked us. His original name was Oreo, but we changed it to Marko Meowii. Oreo is still his middle name I guess. We named him Marko because our adoption counselor was named Mark and because of the Bulgarian folk hero Krali Marko. Meowii because of how vocal he is and how he made our hearts melt. We did the paperwork June 1st, but he had to be neutered still, so we got to pick him up the afternoon of June 2nd. He is a joy to have in our lives. Marko has his own blog at http://markomeow.wordpress.com

Marko and Me

Marko and Me


June 18th

I started a Calligraphy class today at CCAC. It is a non-credit community education course. I love it! I had been exposed to calligraphy in 7th grade and liked it then, but had no idea how many different calligraphy alphabets there are. So far we have learned Italic, and two kinds of Versals. Next week we are doing the Celtic alphabet. It is a lot of fun and I hope to incorporate it into my poetry and make my  poetry as much a visual art as a literary art.



June 22nd

I have started playing tennis. Surprisingly I am not atrociously terrible at it. Rado and I have been playing in the park and we are both learning, so we don’t get a lot of volley back and forth, but are happy when we hit it. We have my parents rackets, which everyone who saw them had to comment on how old they were. They are heavy wooden rackets probably from the late 70s, early 80s. They still work just fine, thank you. They are both WIlson rackets, one “Chris Evert Personal” and the other “Stan Smith Pro Cup” Rado bought me a more lightweight racket at a church yard sale down the street. It works pretty good too. It’s titanium and is a Wilson Rak Attack Jr.


June 23-25

Went to Ohio to help my brother with the dogs. Took Akira in my Dad’s car to the park, and walked Shiro around the neighborhood.

10142397750_ORIG 10142397760_ORIG 10142397755_ORIG


June 27th

We had dinner at the neighbors across the street. It was a very international dinner with one of our hosts being from France, and of the guests a couple- one from France, one from Italy- and a couple from Senegal. Rado played his accordion and everyone danced or played maracas and clapped. It was really fun. We hope to have more evenings like that.


June 28th

We had some people over to watch the Confederation Cup Final- U.S.A vs Brazil. U.S.A dominated in the first half, but Brazil recovered in the second half and overtook the U.S. 3-2. I was very impressed with how good the U.S. team is getting. Our goalie is especially superb. I hope it makes soccer/(football to the rest of the world) more popular here.


Random: Other than that, I’ve been working a lot, riding my bike, playing with Marko, playing with my Burmese nephews, trying to blog at my new funk music blog http://trufunksoulja.wordpress.com , sketching and drawing more, writing, reading, and trying to enjoy life. Until next time,



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  1. Haha. It sounds like a lot is going on 🙂

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