Shelter Update

King was adopted first thing this morning. I found out when I went to walk dogs this evening and Dreamcicle was all alone again. So I asked to make sure he wasn’t sick in isolation or fostered out, and he was adopted by a family this morning. I LOVE YOU KING! and I wish you and your new family all the best.



So since Dreamcicle was all by herself again, I walked her. We went on a longer walk than usual for her, and then she spent time smelling the area around the shelter.



buddydwn1Buddy and I went for a walk next, and we jogged for a little bit as part of our weight loss program. Buddy needs to lose a few pounds (don’t we all). We went way further than Buddy and I have ever gone, because usually he is preoccupied with smelling everything and ambles along. Today, we walked and jogged and played, and then he gave me a kiss when we got back to his run. I gave him one treat for being so well behaved. A guy who volunteers said that Buddy pulls him around, but I don’t understand it because he’s so easy to walk for me. Maybe he’s easy on me because he knows he could pull me over if he wanted to!

Resting after a long walk

Resting after a long walk


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