Meet Muffin, Ricki Divas, and Ginger; More King and Hercules

The King and I, Day 3

The King and I, Day 3

I had to go make a deposit at the bank today, and the Humane Society is right across the street so I couldn’t resist stopping to check on King. He’s really coming along, so playful now and loving treats. He layed up against me on his back again so I could rub his belly. So sweet! And he is so easy to loose leash walk. He really is a special boy. Whoever gets him will be very lucky.



I walked Hercules, who I walked before. He is one of the Super Seven Pit Bulls, and is an awesome, energetic, friendly dog. He was so happy to see all of the people, a lot of the staff was  just coming in and he had to greet all of them exuberantly. We were on the go the whole time, so I didn’t get any new pictures of Herc. He has more in his bag of tricks though, and can shake hands! I didn’t even tell him to, but he wanted a treat, so he tried it. Then I saw the short video on his page where he is doing it on command. Very good job, Hercules!

Short Video of Hercules

After Herc, I walked two dogs together. I had never done this before here, but figured I could handle it since they are in the same run, small, and relatively old. It was fine walking them together, but next time I will do it separately because Muffin wanted to keep going when Ricki was tired. It was too hard to take pictures with two leashes, though, so I only got one of each. They were really nice, friendly, happy dogs. Ricki got right back into her bed when we got back, but Muffin was still raring to go.



Meet Muffin

  • Name: MUFFIN
  • Sex: unaltered female
  • Breed: Siberian Husky mix.
  • Age: 7 years old.
  • Weight: 51 pounds

Rick Divas

Ricki Divas

Meet Ricki Divas

  • Sex: spayed female,
  • Breed: Siberian Husky mix.
  • Age: 16 years old.
  • Weight: 56 pounds.

I thought I was done after that (again, not usually the case), but I decided to walk one more and Ginger was sitting so quietly and well behaved and looking up at me, so I decided to take her. I was going through the list of the dogs who are known to be House Broken and trying to get to them first so they didn’t have to hold it so long. The best way to describe Ginger’s appearance is like a tiger. She is an orangey brown with black patterns over top like stripes. She kind of moves like a tiger too, but was much gentler. haha. Very sweet, friendly, girl. Very easy to walk, loved walking and didn’t want to bother with treats.



Meet Ginger

  • Name: GINGER
  • Sex: spayed female,
  • Breed: German Shepherd Dog mix.
  • Age: 1 year old.
  • Weight: 53 pounds.


Ginger's tiger stripes

Ginger's tiger stripes


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One response to “Meet Muffin, Ricki Divas, and Ginger; More King and Hercules

  1. It looks like you have a new raison d’être here (or at least a new job). I never thought I’d warm up to Pitt Bulls, but our neighbor just got one and I’ve never met a sweeter dog.

    I wanted to add that I’m using your new site header as my mantra. Is that yours?! Lovely….

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