BB and Princess Jasmine


My dear friend Crystalee came over this evening, and I took her to the WPA Human Society. We looked at the cats and bunnies and dogs and I walked two more. I am such a sucker for those dogs, I wish I could stay there and walk all of them, but I get kind of warn out after a few. I walked Big Buddy again and my little princess Jasmine. Crys took some pictures on her phone, also.

Buddy through the grass

Buddy through the grass

They were both very playful this evening. Buddy had to smell and explore everything, but when I got down on his level, he started kissing me and put his paws up on my shoulders. Crys said he could easily knock me over, and I said he could really pull me if he wanted to on the walks, also, but he’s a gentle guy. He has the cutest face, and I looked closer and his eyes are a beautiful shade of green!

Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine

Jasmine was going crazy over treats, and ready to sit for them. She also wanted to run a little bit and burn off that puppy energy, and play. Jazzi also rolled over on her back so I could rub her belly. So sweet! We stopped in the chill-out room for a cold pnut butter & kibble kong.


running with jazzi


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  1. I have been thinking about going to walk dogs at my local humane society. You have inspired me. Thank you!

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