Big Buddy and More King

Buddy's just an overgrown puppy!

Buddy's just an overgrown puppy!

Meet Buddy


  • Sex: neutered male,
  • Breed: Pit Bull Terrier.
  • Age: 1 year old.
  • Weight: 86 pounds

I was slightly intimidated by Buddy’s sheer size, but  one of the staff members was in with him cleaning his pen was playing with him and saying he was just a big puppy. I came in and slipped his collar on easily, and off we went. Buddy is big, so it is a good thing he doesn’t pull. He just ambled along, smelling everything and exploring. A real gentle giant! He’s also a gorgeous dog, he is brindle pattern, but there’s a bit of blue/grey in there with the brown, and his eyes are light blue in color.

The King and I Day 2

The King and I Day 2

It was a nice day, so most of the dogs had already been walked twice and were on the third round. I was happy to see King doing much better today. He came right up to the gate of the pen instead of cowering in the corner, lowered his head for me to slip the collar on, and was eager to head out. This time, we played more and he even layed on his back so I could rub his tummy! Yesterday, he wouldn’t take any treats at all, and today there were still pieces in his pen of food and treats uneaten. Well, on the walk, he decided to take a treat, and seemed to really like it. So when we got back to the chill-out room, he wanted more treats! I gave him a cold peanut butter kong with kibble in it and some more treats, and he just couldn’t get enough. He is so skinny and I don’t think he was eating much, so I didn’t mind him eating the treats. He must be getting used to things and everything. I found out he knows the SIT command today, also. He still kept looking up at me to check if we were cool. I ran with him a little bit and he enjoyed that too. He could have run more, but I was getting tired, so we slowed down. He’s a real pleasure to walk with.



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  1. OMG I love Buddy! I love the big puppy dogs. I want him!

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