Meet Jody; Cuddle Up With Nicolas



Today I walked a one year old Akita mix who was surrendered because her owner had died. You could definitely see the Akita features, especially the markings and the tails, but the personality was much more social than akitas generally are. She was very well behaved, very obedient, and very affectionate. Jody is also very smart. She caught on pretty quickly that when I had her sit she would get a treat. So at one point, she sat, then looked up at me expectantly. Okay, I said, and gave her half a treat. She carried it to the edge of the lot we were on, dug a small hole with her paws, dropped the treat in, and pushed dirt over it with her nose! I know in cartoons dogs bury their bones, but I’ve never seen it until now. Here are Jody’s stats:

akita tail

akita tail

  • Name: JODY
  • Sex: spayed female
  • Breed: Akita mix.
  • Age: @ 1 years and 0 months old.
  • Weight: @63 pounds.


After I walked Jody, Nicolas Cage was looking at me with those expressive eyes and big ol’ ears, so I took him out. Nic is an attention hound and a people pleaser. If you want him to behave or to stop doing whatever he is doing, all you have to do is stand still and not look at him and before you know it, he’s sitting right beside your legs. When I brought him back and headed towards the relaxation zone, and I thought that sounded like a good idea after a bit of a workout. He immediately jumped on the couch, I sat down, he ploped his head in my lap and pushed up close against me. Then he rolled over for me to rub his tummy. He is a very energetic young boy, so an active life style would be good for him, but he can also kick back and relax with you!



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