Walking Miss Patches

Patches Illustrating the "Sit" Command

Patches Illustrating the "Sit" Command

Patches and I went on a very long walk today timewise because we were working on some obedience commands and her not pulling. She has sit down pat, well if you have a treat that is. Nevertheless, she knows the command. And is not doing too bad with Stay. The biggest thing is the pulling because she still has all that puppy energy and wants to run run run. I ran with her for a bit because I need the excercise, but she has four legs and I only have two, so it’s not really fair. Ha. She’s also very very curious. She watched some of the big construction machines for a while and also explored a lot. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but Patches has the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen on a dog! (or a human for that matter). And her big ears are so expressive! After we got back to the shelter she curled up with a teddy bear on her bed.

Patches, Urban Explorer

Patches, Urban Explorer

The Humane Society was crowded today (with people, cars, and dogs). There were puppies on the main floor and they were so small and squirmy and adorable. Usually they are in the puppy room. I wondered if they might be expecting more visitors because of the e-waste drop off program going on. You can drop off your old electronics for recycling for free (many places charge a fee to recycle these), while helping the humane society raise funds as well.


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