Things I’m Thankful For Today

i miss u every second we are apart maimunka

i miss u every second we are apart maimunka

Things I am Thankful for on Saturday, 28 March

  1. Seeing Rado
  2. Hugging and kissing  and talking to and looking at Rado
  3. azeukiNot getting hurt when all my books and pictures on my tall bookshelf fell on top of me. Yes, it still works to do an upper block when things are falling on you.
  4. Almonds. They taste good and will help lower my high cholesterol.
  5. Red Yeast Rice capsules. No taste, but also supposed to lower my cholesterol.
  6. Making progress on cleaning the apartment
  7. Listening to NPR– “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me” and “Whad’Ya Know?” and knowing the umami answer (the fifth taste)
  8. an english toffee scone (probably not good for the cholesterol, but tasty)
  9. that i have a car to get places faster when i need to
  10. hope

Week Re-cap: Good things from this week

  1. change is possible, even if it’s hard
  2. all the spanish i learned is somewhere in my brain and i am recalling more and more of it
  3. conversations with horacio castellanos moya, whose mind works the same as mine–knowing i’m not crazy, or if i am, there are more of us
  4. having a job, if only for another two weeks
  5. new friends (leanna, jake, lance, jen, horacio i’m talking to you)
  6. children….their size astounds me as much as their capability for growth. max loves to come to the coffee shop to see me and i am constantly amazed at how smart and funny and real such a tiny person is (he is just over a year old). it makes me know i want to have some someday
  7. sleep. missed a lot of it this week, so i’m appreciating every minute of it
  8. driving horacio to greensburg and seeing him see the amish in their horses and buggies for the first time
  9. meeting new people (camila, james)
  10. intercultural communication

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