Trib Article: Society Works to Find Unwanted Pets New Homes


slide show photos by karl

slide show photos by karl polacek



It’s up— Society Works to Find Unwanted Pets New Homes—article and photos by Karl Polacek. It is a good overview of what’s going on at the Humane Society right now including statistics. Polacek also makes use of anecdotal evidence, providing a close up on the case of  an abused cocker spaniel, which really helps to give a face to the plight of homeless pets. Numbers are good because they provide the absolute evidence, but stories are emotional and put us in touch with our humanity. I hope some people who read this will be inspired to donate their time, money, or needed items to the WPA Humane Society. I am in photo 7/8 in the accompanying photo gallery. I hope people don’t think Nicolas Cage looks mean because he is such a sweetie and a people pleaser. Some pit bulls have other dog agression issues because of their innate breeding, but they are also preprogrammed with loving and listening to people. When bullies were used for fighting, the handlers had to know that in the heat of the battle, if they reached in the dog would distinguish between opponent and human and not attack the human. So pit bulls are actually notoriously GREAT with people! In the photo Nic is passing kisses and they’re pulling to investigate each other. They may have been best pals together (more likely since they are opposite sex), but we are told not to let the dogs get close to each other just in case they don’t get a long. Of course, the dogs in community runs are cool with the other dogs in their pen, but you just have to err on the side of caution because you don’t want any of these angels getting hurt. I love working with the dogs. They are all so grateful for the extra attention and fresh air and are a joy to interact with.


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