Beaver County Humane Society

I drove over to Monaca, PA to meet my parents for lunch yesterday. I was there early, they were still in a movie, so I stopped by the Beaver County Humane Society. They were pretty busy, having a rabies vaccine clinic for $10 an animal. But I introduced myself as a volunteer at the WPA Humane Society and was invited to take a look around and visit with the animals. Their facility is a lot smaller than the one in Pgh, with the capacity for only about 25 or so animals. At the time, they had about 20 dogs and 5 or 6 cats. I spoke with a staff member about the misperception of the Humane Society and how it affects funding negatively. She said at that Humane Society, they had a waiting list for animals because of the size of the facility. Then she informed me that they would be losing the building soon. I asked what they were going to do. She said they had acquired property on Broadhead Rd, but needed another million dollars to break ground. I don’t know where those animals will go in the meantime. So if you live in Beaver County, please consider donating to this organization whose stated mission is

The mission of the Beaver County Humane Society is to protect all domestic animals by providing shelter and care; adoption services; investigation, correction or prosecution of cruelty or abuse situations; education programs; and promotion of the concepts of kindness and respect for all living creatures throughout Beaver County.

After I visited all of te dogs I bought a new bandanna for Akira and a peanut butter natural treat for Akira and Shiro, as well as emptying my pockets. I have made kind of a habit of always putting  a dollar if I have a spare one in my pocket into the donation bins at the WPA Humane Society, so I did the same for Beaver County.

Akira in his new bandanna, purchased at the Beaver County Humane Society for $2

Akira in his new bandanna, purchased at the Beaver County Humane Society for $2


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