Who watches the Watchmen? I did!

watchmen_movie_image_smiley_faceWatching The Watchmen, I felt like I was watching a comic book. That dream like state where your mind combines the text and art of the comic and this is what you see going on in your head. Only more, because your sense of hearing is also invoked.

There were a number of shots, mainly summary or transition shots, where the scene was still and only the camera moved, sweeping and panning.

The world of the movie, like the graphic novel, parallels ours– the Hiroshima bomb, the jfk assassination, the kent shootings, Vietnam, Nixon. Only is this version of our world, there are superheroes. Grey, complex individuals with their own interpersonal conflicts, but heroes with powers. The thing that made this works so different from outs, is that with Dr Manhattan, the US unequivocally won in Vietnam. The comedian acknowledges this, and says that he thinks the country would have gone crazy if they’d lost. There are many other meta-nods to post modernism, like the newspaper editor saying this is still. America and they’d never want a cowboy president, win reference not only to the possibility of Regan running, but to out world and W Bush. Then one character has a line like “I’m not a comic book villain,” though of course, he sorta is.

One of the best things about the movie, that also separates it from the book is the amazing sound track. The sound track provides historic placement, but is also topical to the action of the movie. It also helps to compress time and convey a lot of information to the viewer on less time, a with the opening montage which spans the 1930s-1970s.
The movie was very good and relevant still to our times. Sometimes it was a little heavy handed with the messages, but I forgave it that because of how gray the heroes were, some of them perhaps even sociopaths. Long movie, bit well worth the watch.


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