Capture the Illusory

A picture can only capture so much. It embodies a visual instant, but how to encompass the full reality? The feelings, the atmosphere, the sounds and smells and tastes and touch, not just a quick visual?  It is something I have been experimenting with with live event photography. My camera is only so good, not a digital rebel as I would like, so I have to be creative with the settings. To keep the aperture open longer, I can set it on night scene or night snapshot. To capture shadows more I can lower the flash or turn it off all together. Music especially seems hard to capture. It is something that is always in perpetuity. It always moves forward, so in these pictures I tried to let the movement be seen. Don’t know how other people will think of them, but I like what I ended up with. I would have liked to try more with the belly dancer though. The subjects are bellydancer Janim at Istanbul Grille on 27 Feb and Rado Angelov, playing accordion at Jalsah X on 28 Feb.




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