Open Door Shelters

What is an open door shelter? An open door shelter is an animal shelter that takes any animal brought to surrender to it, regardless of age, health, breed, personality, etc. This is different then a no kill shelter because no kill shelters turn many animals away. The WPA Humane Society, where I am volunteering is an open door shelter. From what they have told me, they try their hardest to find homes for every adoptable animal and to foster animals in order to make more room at the shelter for more animals. My impressions of the Humane Society from visiting there are that it is very clean, the staff and volunteers are very friendly, all the dogs seem happy and love to go on walks, and it is very well organized. I don’t know what kind of a stance to take on the euthanasia of animals. Sometimes I think people with painful terminal illnesses should be allowed to use euthanasia, so what about very sick and old dogs? Is it cruel to them to keep them around in misery for us to feel better about it? There are no easy answers. I am sure there are dogs put down for behavior issues and space issues. I think that sucks, but….as long as there are dogs in shelters, I see no reason not to try to brighten their lives and give them needed attention and excercise, regardless of politics and beliefs. I know that when I was younger, I heard so much about no kill shelters being better, but recently I read an article that shocked and saddened me about one no kill shelter, the Tiger Ranch, finally shut down for inhumane and unsanitary conditions. Read it at To read more about open door shelters, visit


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