Official Dog Walker!

Well, in addition to being Akira and Shiro‘s part-time walkers (when i’m in ohio), I have volunteered to walk dogs at the Western PA Humane Society. Today, I completed a 2 1/2 hour orientation/training, and tomorrow I hope to walk a few of the dogs. Today, got to meet most of the dogs, and practice collaring and getting the dogs out of their pens and walking them a short distance. I am really excited about an Akita/Pit Bull terrier mix named Duke. The Akita is a larger version of the shiba inu, so I’m hoping that my shiba experience will help me related to an akita mix and hopefully help train and  help take care of Duke until he finds a good home. I will update you on the first walk, and post more about the particulars of the Humane Society and what an open door shelter is.  Visit the WPA Humane Society webpage and volunteer at a shelter near you! (They’re also looking for cat cuddlers, bunny buddies, and different administrative, educational, and maintenance volunteer positions).


Western PA Humane Society


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