Family Memory

The only silver lining of my Grandfather’s services were getting to reconnect with less immediate family. Our relatives from “Hoopey” West Virginia came up, including my Grandpa Willard’s sister Myrtle and her daughter Evy Lou. My Grandma Louise died before I was born (d. 1972), so we haven’t been as close to the family on that side, but her first cousin, Paris; her sister, Ollie; and her sister’s husband, Fisher, were there and regaled me with tales of their early years in Hoopey. I tried to write down as much as I could remember afterwards, because it was all amazing and it was the main thing that kept me sane during that time. I will try to write up some of what they told me and post it later. In the meantime, here is a picture of my Grandma Louise (Linkous) Adkins that Evy Lou shared with me. I was always told as a child that I looked like her, which made me happy because she is beautiful and it made me feel closer to her. As I grew older, I guess the resemblance faded, but Aunt Ollie says I still look like her, and she’s her sister, so I’ll take it!



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2 responses to “Family Memory

  1. You still look like your Grandma Louise 🙂

  2. Yes, you two have the same face! I look just like my Grandma Calderwood, who I have never met, in the face as well. 🙂

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