i want to play clarinet THIS good

ivo papazov and his wedding band, from bulgaria

i started playing clarinet in the fifth grade. i picked clarinet because my cousin jaimie played it. i played from 5th-10th grades in the concert bands and took private lessons from 6th-8th grade. I stopped playing for two years, then took private lessons at mount union college, focusing on jazz and blues, improvisation, and reading music in the key of c in the key of b flat so i could play it. Stopped playing again for a year or two, then started playing again, blues, mostly. Pads got chipped and moth eaten so sent to a friend to fix, but she never did, two years later i got it fixed at volkweins music in pgh, got it back yesterday and started playing klezmer music. still playing on my size 4 reeds, but i dont last as long as i used to! i’m still decent and remember all the notes and such, so i’m hoping to improve and improve and improve. i doubt i’ll ever be as good as ivo papazov, tho….

i can play my clarinet with rado playing accordian, just like ivo papazov and petar ralchev!


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