The Bold Taste of Getting Things Done

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.
– Goethe

Be bold. If you’re going to make an error, make a doozey, and don’t be afraid to hit the ball.
– Billie Jean King

Inertness is the biggest obstacle in my path to getting things done. It’s not exactly laziness, it’s not exactly fear, it’s not exactly depression…. it is just a feeling that movement would be near impossible, of shoes glued to the floor. There is so much I need to do, and sometimes I find myself just coasting, or standing still altogether. I have gotten to where I am by taking chances and making choices others don’t agree with or at least wouldn’t choose for themselves. I have three times moved to a city where I knew no one and had to make new friends, find new haunts, etc. I’m not going to lie, it is hard and tiring, but so far it has been worth it. Now that I have settled here in Pittsburgh for the longest I have settled anywhere in six years, I sometimes lose momentum. But then something will give me a kick in the ass. Like giving a neighbor’s car a jump this evening. Such a small gesture, but a lot of the people in my neighborhood don’t interact based on race, class, and social standing. A lot of people in my city don’t really interact unless they already know the person. That why it was hard to break in when you are new to have a circle of friends. Luckily I met other transplants, unluckily many of them have since moved on, luckily I have been open and met people from all over Pittsburgh from all walks of life. Luckily I have been bold and talked to strangers, volunteered for meaningful projects, and tried to make a difference. But I cannot rest on my laurels, as they say. I must step forward again.


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